After the Disaster

Knowing what to do after your home or business is damaged by a fire or storm can be overwhelming. We've all been taught to "stop-drop -and roll" in case of a fire. We know the importance of preventing fires, having an escape plan and the need for tornado drills. What we are less prepared for is knowing what to do after the damage is done. Tragedy can leave us emotional and vulnerable at a time when good decisions are critical. Together with DFW Scanner we created a mini video series to help educate the community on what to do after a disaster. Past customers share their experiences and we will offer steps to take if you or a loved one experience fire or storm damage. #afterthedisaster


Free resources to help guide you #afterthedisaster

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  • Bathroom remodel
  • Carpet or flooring installation
  • Demolition and rebuild
  • Fire restoration
  • Foreclosure flips
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Painting/interior & exterior
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  • Smoke odor removal
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